Metal Fabrication Services

Metal Fabrication Services are describing as the creation of metal shapes via cutting bending and assembling metal. Different methods are used to machine various raw materials, but both human labour and automation are involved throughout the manufacturing process.

The raw materials that are commonly used in metal fabrication services are mostly plate metal, formed and expanded metal, tube stock, welding wire/rod and casting.

The processes involved in metal fabrication are:

•             Cutting – done by sawing, shearing, chiselling, torching, or CNC cutting

•             Bending -completed by hammering via press brakes and tube benders

•             Assembling – the joining of pieces to create shapes is finalised by welding, binding with adhesives riveting or further bending

More about Metal Fabrication Services

Many mechanical services businesses will offer metal fabrication services, and it also overlaps with other specialities including Blacksmithing, Boilermakers, Millwrights and Ironworkers. Fabrication shops generally concentrate on metal preparation and assembly, and machine shops mostly cut metal and machining parts on machine tools.

Machining is a specialised service of removing unwanted materials from a block of metal to make it into the desired shape. Fabrication shops usually have some machining capability and use mills drill and other portable machining tools.

metal fabrication services